Universal Robots

The set-up of the collaborative lightweight robots from the Universal Robots e-Series is intuitive within a very short time and without any required programming knowledge. The universal communication interface of the MATCH Ecosystem guarantees maximum flexibility for an unimaginable number of applications, whether gripping or suction. The standardized, mechanical composite of lightweight robots from Universal Robots and the MATCH robot modules is also accompanied by simplified machine communication. The MATCH Ecosystem provides all the necessary communication parameters to ensure integration is as simple and fast as possible. In addition, the ComfortApp, which is tailored to Universal Robots, always enables direct control and monitoring of all functions via the teach pendant and guarantees smooth automatic mode in addition to the simplest possible setup operation of the end effector. The optimal combination of Universal Robot and intelligent end effectors from Zimmer Group and J. Schmalz - ideal for working with collaborative lightweight robots to realize a wide range of applications.
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