FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the MATCH End-of-Arm Ecosystem

1. Why do I need the MATCH End-of-Arm Ecosystem?

MATCH, as a standardized interface, combines the main handling technologies: gripping and vacuum systems. With the fast adaptation times of the Ecosystem, you are prepared for constantly growing demands on the market. The rapid, uncomplicated integration quickly leads to profitable production, even with low volumes. You have maximum flexibility – both in terms of the choice of end effector and the choice of robot. MATCH is compatible with all common robots on the market. Thanks to a standardized interface and the option of a manual or automated changeover function, you are equipped for the constantly changing requirements and challenges on the market and the future of automation.

2. I don't need a change function. Why should I still choose MATCH?

Even without the change function, MATCH offers you numerous advantages – even for future challenges. Thus, MATCH can be put into use directly and ready for connection. Intuitive software supports you during commissioning and control – without any programming knowledge. Plug & Work. With the standardized interface, you also have a large selection of end effectors at your disposal. Convenient maintenance and service benefits ease your way into automation and lead to profitable production in a timely manner – even with small quantities.

3. Which robot manufacturers is the MATCH robot module compatible with?

The MATCH end-of-arm ecosystem is compatible with all major robots: ABB, Denso, Doosan, KUKA, Universal Robots, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Stäubli, Mitsubishii and FRANKA EMIKA. Not sure if your robot is compatible with MATCH? Contact us!

4. I am looking for a module compatible for my robot manufacturer but can't find anything on the website. Is there a solution for me anyway?

We offer a solution for every user and robot manufacturer. If you could not find your robot manufacturer, contact us!

5. How does the gripper communicate with the robot?

Communication between the gripper and the robot takes place via the Smart Communication Module (SCM). The SCM serves as a gateway for the end effector and translates the IO-Link communication system to digital I/O and vice versa. It communicates directly with the robot controller. This ensures simple and fast control of the end effector.

6. Can I buy the Smart Communication Module in one package?

The SCM can be purchased without software for selfwiring or in a package with cable and software adapted to the robot manufacturer. With this package you are ready for your application right away. No cabling and wiring are necessary.

7. What software is included in the SCM package?

The “ComfortApp” software included in the package, which is adapted to your robot manufacturer, enables the end effector to be controlled and operated conveniently and directly via the respective robot operating unit. All included necessary commands will ensure you a smooth automatic mode.

8. What is the difference between digital I/O, IO-Link and RS485? Why are there different options?

For simple applications, such as opening and closing your gripper, the Digital I/O option is ideal as a basic level. For more in-depth, complex applications that require additional force or stroke settings as well as condition monitoring and more, you should reach for the intelligent IO-Link variant. The manufacturer-specific counterpart to IO-Link is the RS485 interface.

9. Which grippers fit the robot module?

Thanks to standardized interface of the robot module you can use any end effector. Tailored to your application, IO-Link grippers with IO-Link module or digital grippers with digital I/O module are available.

10. What do I do if I need a vacuum component or a gripper?

Depending on your application, you can choose vacuum components from J. Schmalz or grippers from the Zimmer Group. In addition, both worlds of handling are available to you thanks to manual or automated changeover functions.

11. Which handling components do i need for my application?

You are unsure which handling component is suitable for your application? Contact us today!

12. How does I change the end effector?

The end effector can be changed manually by hand or automatically by means of a deposit station and robotic movement.

13. I am unsure if the end effector is compatible with my robot manufacturer.

Thanks to a standardized interface, the MATCH robot module is compatible with all common robot manufacturers. If you are unsure, we look forward to hearing from you today!